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Tinder Review

Thank you for checking out our Tinder review. At this moment we are still busy reviewing and ask you to come back later. In the meantime, we would like to recommend two different dating sites to you:

  • If you are looking for a casual encounter, we recommend you to join AdultFriendFinder
  • If you are looking for a serious relationship, we recommend you take a look at Mingle2day

If you made positive or negative experiences with Tinder, please leave a review and share your thoughts with us.It will help us and other users very much.

Thank you for your patience and see you soon reviews:

  • 2017-04-27 17:06:26, (, ?)

    I can see why its popular but its not for me – 2/5 IMHO


    Finally gave this a try last week after getting fed up of hearing about it. I always thought it was more of a casual way to meet people. Must say now that ive used it ive not really changed my mind that much. To many folk just looking for a bit of fun. That said it is very busy and things did seem to get better was when I put “not looking for casual” on my profile. Definitely got better at that point but overall ill stick to paying for my dating as people are more likely to be serious.
  • 2017-04-22 09:02:40, (, ?)



    Downloaded tinder last year and use it a lot. Maybe not as much as I did at first but still check it now and again. Everyone at college is on it, in fact I think anyone who is single in the states is on it lol! Some people are definitely looking for hook ups but its not as bad as it used to be for that, there are a lot of genuine people on it looking for love so it's well worth a try (and its free anyway).
  • 2017-04-20 13:42:25, (, ?)

    Better than it used to be


    When I first tried Tinder it was just after it became popular and I was put off by the 'hook up' side of things. Even though im a guy, it doesnt mean im all about the casual stuff – been there, done that and looking for something meaningful these days. Anyway, downloaded it again 2 weeks ago and its a lot better, even set up a date for next Friday so we'll see how that goes! Maybe the match acquisition sorted it out?
  • 2017-03-25 23:27:10, (, ?)

    Soooooo addictive lol


    I can literally spend hours on Tinder! Super addictive and fun. I use tinder boost sometimes since the basic version of the app is free, it's worth paying a little to get things moving faster. Best online dating app out there as far as im concerned. Just be ready to spend even more of your life looking at your cell phone screen!!!
  • 2017-03-23 04:55:49, (, ?)

    Tinder Review


    Seems everyone is using this and you can see why. Mobile technology is so amazing these days so it makes sense to use an app that makes the most of it by showing you people who are in your area and letting you swipe right or left depending on what you think of them. I've met a few women so far from it and wouldnt hesitate to have serious relationship with someone I meet here if I liked them enough. It's free so why not add it to the ways you can meet people, that's how I see it anyway. Dave, 30, Essex

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