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Match Review. Experience, Prices, Features and Alternatives. How well does Match work?

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The idea of Match was birthed in the year 1993 but the website itself came into existence 2 years later in 1995. The plan initially was not to create a dating website per se but just to find out the feasibility of an online classified ads platform for dating. Ever since it was created, it has continued to be in operation since then. From a relatively modest amount of initial users, Match has managed to grow its members exponentially and continues to do so even till present. 

How Does Match Work?

According to the website, they have matched up a ton of people successfully and have thus produced more marriages and relationships than any other dating site. Of course this claim is debatable but then haven been in existence since 1995 (officially), it's hard to argue against their claim. In life, experience matters. The handlers of the site are confident of your ability to find a partner through their site and are willing to sacrifice their financial profits to backup their claim. This is probably why they offer a guarantee that if you don’t find your ideal match in six months or less, they will offer you 6-month membership for free membership as compensation. 

Match boasts of a membership strength of about 20 million out of which about 13 million originate from or are domiciled in the US. Out of the 20 million members, about 8 million are signed up to their premium package. What exactly is the focus of this site and how have them been able to revitalize themselves and remained stellar after such a long period of existence, this Match review seeks to find out. 

Who Should Join Match?

Match is clearly a pro dating website rather than pro cheating. Members of the website are required to state their relationship status and those that acclaim to be in an existing relationship are not allowed to linger on the site. Many of their members seem to be interested in serious relationships hence the member activity tends to be high. 

Signing up is quick and smooth. There is a profile builder that can help you build your profile so as to help you through any hitch or glitch you might encounter while building your profile. Although no account verification is needed, you will be required to upload a profile picture as well as fill out a personal information form.  

The website and the app have a simple design and the features of the website can be seen in the site's header menu and they can likewise be seen in the mobile app icons. Icons are used in place of words in member's profiles to describe sections and information's pertaining to the member. 

Final Verdict - Is Match Worth Paying For? 

The verdict of this Match review is that the website seems honest and the handlers seem to know their onions. Their long period of existence is a plus and you can try them out albeit to seek out a new relationship rather than cheating as the site is not a hookup site and frowns against cheating. 

Are There Any Match Alternatives? 

As mentioned, Match is not a hookup site. So if that is what you are looking for rather join BeNaughty or AdultFriendFinder. If you are looking for a Match alternative to find a serious relationship, we encourage you to use Mingle2day or eHarmony. Both have a solid member base with many users from all over the world. 


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