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CasualDating4u.com reviews:

  • 2017-07-13 14:08:10, (, ?)

    7/10 casualdating4u


    I could care less witch internet dating site I use to get my rocks off. But this one could be a lot worse than it is y'all. Sure, thir aint no bells or whistles thats the truth and no doubting it. But come on, you want porn go to a porn site. You want sexy time then you could do worst than casualdating4u. Just my two cents, maybe im just more interesting to talk to than the people who be hateing on it! Lol! Bryan, Denver
  • 2017-05-11 04:12:41, (, ?)



    Easy to use, nice interface, really good app, works on any devices ive tried, not too expensive, real girls and not many time wasters, customer service has been ok in the one time ive contacted them, overall very good compared to whats out there for guys looking to meet girls for no strings fun.

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