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Saphrina Review


Saphrina Review. Experience, Prices, Features and Alternatives. How well does Saphrina work?

Our Saphrina Review

It is no news that the concept of dating and infidelity/hookup websites has been relative abused by many and this fact is exemplified in great detail by the proliferation of websites in this regard. It seems everyone is just in a haste to corner their own money by offering bogus services to interested persons looking for hookups.

Saphrina is one of the websites that knows their onions as they function as subordinate website to a couple of larger hookup sites hence they are administered in a proper way and manner due to the experience of their owners. This perhaps is what stands it out from its competition. 

Is Saphrina Free And Does It Offer Any Special Features?

Saphrina is the free signup. Scrolling down the site, you will encounter two huge boxes requesting site visitors to join for free. However, if you want to use the whole functionality of the site you need to upgrade your account to "Gold" or "VIP".

One feature that is available on Saphrina is a webcam feature that was integrated to the site. Of course rather than rely on texts as medium of communication between their users, they introduced the cool webcam chat feature while means clients can get to see the face behind the profile they are chatting with. No doubt, this helps to build a lot more confidence and certainty about the person you are chatting with. In this era of pretense that we live in where it is easy to falsify looks and upload images of a different person, this feature certainly helps to see who you chatting with and perhaps decide in advance whether they are your specs or not.

There are no perfect websites because everyone is bound to have a shortcoming one way or the other, either now or later. This is not to say that its okay to ignore unprofessionalism or ineptitude, so far as their shortcomings are not massive then they may still be favorably considered. One shortcoming, you may notice with Saphrina is their collective approach. The website sort of lacks an individualistic feel which should be characteristic of a hookup site. This observation may be subjective though and should not be taken as a final verdict. 

Should You Join Saphrina?

This is quite subjective, however the site is worthy of a trial. Certainly they are not among the top brass in the hookup niche but they are nevertheless decent as well. There are two things that they are particularly good with; these two are security and search results. When it comes to dating and hookup sites; these are the major parameters to adjudge and scrutinize good sites from the bad ones and in this regard, Saphrina can be considered okay, hence they are deserving of your consideration.

Are There Any Saphrina Alternatives?

If you were not lucky using Saphrina you should consider to join other affair websites with a large member base such as VictoriaMilan or HeatedAffairs. However, if you are honest you can also join a hookup website like AdultFriendFinder and tell other users that you are married or in a a relationship but still looking for a discreet adventure. reviews:

  • 2017-09-17 01:55:08, (, ?)

    OK - but nothing to write home about


    Dont get to excited about, it's really not all its cracked up to be. Needs more work IMHO
  • 2017-07-30 15:40:06, (, ?)

    Had a couple of shags


    I tend to use a few of these casual/ flirty sites but this was where it all kicked off for me.The good thing about london is its busy enough to give you options and wide enough that you've got plenty of places to sneak around in. Got lucky 2 or 3 times thanks to Saphrina so definitely have a soft spot for it.
  • 2017-05-08 08:17:41, (, ?)

    Buy some rubbers


    Fat girls, thin girls, colored girls, white girls, all married. Site is legit. Period.
  • 2017-05-07 06:16:37, (, ?)

    Its 4 outta 5 from me


    Struth whats the world bloody coming to when I can sign up for a website that lets me cheat on me wife!! ha! Ive got speaking to a few shiela's on the site, one in particular a right little beaut! Im not sayin the site is chocka with them or anything but there are heaps that are fair dunkum. and a few of these can even make you crack a fat one with their naughty messages ha! Anyway its all coming good for me now after a bit of a slow start so wanted to leave my thoughts. If you're thinking of trying it good onya! Personally I couldn't knock it back once I heard about it, had to give it a burl
  • 2017-05-07 00:00:00, (, ?)

    Not perfect but still ok


    Do I sometimes get cam girls sending me links on Saphrina? Do I sometimes see pics of women that are far too young and hot to be on the site? Do I get p*$$ed off by how long I sometimes have to wait to hear back from women on Saphrina? Yes, yes and absolutely yes. But none of these things are enough to put me off, all you know you'll have to deal with now and again (all sites are like that) so you deal with it. Honestly, some people are stupid enough to think they'll sign up and get laid that night. Wake up, smell the coffee and you might just get a hot little secret reward.

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